Hi, I’m Michaela

IMG_1959Michaela was born in the beautiful retirement community of Port St. Lucie, Florida.

After 18 years of living like bubble boy, Michaela broke away from the oversized nursing establishment she called home and attended the University of Florida where she began her reckless “education” and student debt.

Twenty thousand dollars later (give or take) Michaela earned her degree in Journalism and Communications where she would then go on to do everything but Journalism.

Today Michaela rents in Lighthouse Point, Florida with her boyfriend, who flight attendants and cashiers mistake as her husband, and Pitbull Mix, Gronk. No, we are Dolphins fans, we are just extremely committed to this joke.

You can find Michaela doing stand up comedy all over South Florida, eating on her new couch or drinking tequila, never alone.

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