Your “Wake the F**k Up” Morning Playlist

We all know that mornings suck and sometimes coffee doesn’t always do the trick. So what can be done to help get us through our ruthless nine to fives? According to some really smart researchers – one of which hails from the fancy halls of Harvard – all you need to do is jam. Music has been scientifically linked to an increase in cerebral blood flow in regions of the brain that involve emotion, arousal, motivation and rewards.

So this week, I’ll provide the music that will get the blood pumping letting your brain -and body- ¬†know that it’s time to wake the f**k up.

~ ~ ~


Outasight – Do Something Crazy
Dorothy – Raise Hell
Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean
Miranda Lambert – Little Red Wagon
LunchMoney Lewis – Bills
Dirty Heads – Day by Day
Lil Dicky – Work (Paid for That?)
Aer – One of a Kind
Kacey Musgraves – Blown’ Smoke
Macklemore – And We Danced
Eminem – Without Me
Johnny Cash and June Carter – Jackson
Mansionz – Rich White Girls
G-Eazy – I Mean It
Childish Gambino – Redbone

Click Here For the Spotify Playlist.